Alliances for Global Sustainability adds value to our clients and partners through our expertise in sustainability and the circular economy. With our extensive network of governmental, semi-governmental, corporate and academics partners and collaborators, we pride ourselves on our ability to foster meaningful partnerships, facilitating compelling dialogue and outcomes that can further catalyse commitments to sustainable growth. Integrating sustainability begins with understanding our clients position in the market via benchmarking and materiality assessments, before delving deeper into ESG integration and GHG accounting, to enable best in class sustainability disclosures. ESG excellence is only possible by embedding sustainability at every level.

Advising on Transformational Success

Materiality Assessments

Identifying Your Material Issues And Opportunities

ESG Reporting for any organization relies on a robust materiality assessment and therefore this service becomes doubly important for any organization starting on their ESG journey or taking steps to solidify their sustainability impact. We help with:

  • Setting Organizational Goals
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Peer Benchmarking
  • Materiality Matrix
ESG Transformation & Strategy

Your Transformation Partner

Stocktake of COP28 has thrusted the developed world and leading organizations into a leadership role to adapt to long term sustainable business models and embed ESG best practices to improve and grow relationships with clients, investors, regulators and employees. We provide:

  • ESG Framework Adoption
  • Corporate ESG Training
  • Data Management Solutions
GHG Accounting & Inventory

Data Led Decarbonization Strategies

GHG Accounting is the bedrock of decarbonization and most companies in the region are not reporting assured GHG accounting reports, calculated as per GHG Protocol and assured as per ISO 14064-2. Such assessment are critical for responsible ESG reporting. We facilitate:

  • Scope 1, 2 & 3 Assessment
  • GHG Verification & Assurance
  • Decarbonization Pathways
ESG Reporting & Disclosure

Delivering Sustainability Disclosure Excellence

Within the region, regulated ESG disclosure requirements apply on the publicly listed companies. AGS believes in preparing its clients and partner organizations to deliver world-class reports that serve as regional and global benchmarks for performance and disclosure. We offer:

  • ESG/ Sustainability Reporting
  • Report Assurance Support
  • Future Sustainability Strategy
  • ESG Communications